Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tips for Chain...Chain Necklaces

* Chain tips: You will need no more than 2 feet to make a long necklace with two or three design "stations".
For reference:
16 inches is Choker size
18 inches just below the Neck
24 inches rests atop the Bosom
30 inches long Rope
Note: Adding Design "stations" adds length.
*These are standard sizes. If you want the length to be perfect for you, take a piece of string and hold it to the length you want, then measure it and use that length for your necklace.
*Chains with unsoldered links are a nice source for decorative or odd size jump rings. As with any jump ring: open by pulling one side toward you, and one side away from you, and open as little as possible...just enough to slide your part onto it. Pulling open to the left or right only will distort the ring and it won't close properly.
*If the chain is steel, it's not important to have soldered links (except on very fine chain) because the steel is very strong.
*The easiest way to "antique" chain is to spray it with black matte paint, and quickly pull it thru a lint free rag. Do no more than 2 feet at a time; paint dries quickly. Too much paint can be removed by pulling it thru a rag saturated with acetone (nail polish). Take proper ventilation precautions; these are chemicals with flammable noxious fumes.

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