Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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MAIN WEBSITE IS: http://www.etsy.com/shop/beadaze
You can buy single beads, or buy more and get a discount.

For beautiful earrings...One-of-a-kind, Vintage,Limited Edition, Amerindian, Venetian Murano Earrings:


Monday, March 8, 2010

New Stuff

OK...I've FINALLY gotten my act together on all the odds and ends of vintage filigree. They're on their way to Ideal Plating in Providence and should be back in a couple of weeks. Only small quantities though, sorry to say. Here's a preview--I had forgotten how gorgeous they were.

And..I've gotten my hands on some decent Turquoise and Coral. Well, more than decent--the best. To die for,in fact. From the Sleeping Beauty Mine...totally natural, undyed, unstabilized. And Mediterranean Ox-Blood Coral. Thankfully, all the new beads have headpin sized holes. I had to relearn everything from my years ago importing coral and trading beads with AmerIndians for Turquoise. Since the Coral Beds have been quota-ed or closed due to over harvesting and ocean pollution, it's gotten very scarce and pricey. There was a time when I could look at a piece of Turquoise and tell you what mine it came from. Sadly, most of the old sources are mined out and most of what's around has been "stabilized" and dyed in the process. I'll get these priced and up ASAP.

And another supplier tip...I turned my nose up at freshwater pearls for quite a while but somebody wanted them in a couple of necklaces, and I broke down. They're really very pretty and great for earrings. Coloresky and Ayliss on Ebay have them; Ayliss.com has a private website as well. Takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive. I've posted an example used with Venetian glass.

Ebay is changing their fees again beginning 1 April which means ANOTHER listing re-write. Last year they abolished listings under $1, and now the choice is to pay $250 a month "rent" or listing fees 6X higher...either way it means prices going up and no more $1. listings. I'm really sorry about this. Times are tough now and everyone wants to conserve cash and buy exactly what they need and no more. So, I'll either be listing a lot less items or not at all.

And another supplier tip: if you have an EBay supplier that you're dependent on, get their direct e-mail address. Rumor has it that a lot of sellers will be leaving EBay. There's a website called everyplaceisell.com where sellers can register where they sell on line...check it out if you're looking for new stuff.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Vintage, vintage, vintage...totally gorgeous out of production Czech and Swarovski beads!! We just acquired the stock of a retiring shop, which they purchased years ago. Here are a few...visit our BONANZLE site to see them all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tips for Chain...Chain Necklaces

* Chain tips: You will need no more than 2 feet to make a long necklace with two or three design "stations".
For reference:
16 inches is Choker size
18 inches just below the Neck
24 inches rests atop the Bosom
30 inches long Rope
Note: Adding Design "stations" adds length.
*These are standard sizes. If you want the length to be perfect for you, take a piece of string and hold it to the length you want, then measure it and use that length for your necklace.
*Chains with unsoldered links are a nice source for decorative or odd size jump rings. As with any jump ring: open by pulling one side toward you, and one side away from you, and open as little as possible...just enough to slide your part onto it. Pulling open to the left or right only will distort the ring and it won't close properly.
*If the chain is steel, it's not important to have soldered links (except on very fine chain) because the steel is very strong.
*The easiest way to "antique" chain is to spray it with black matte paint, and quickly pull it thru a lint free rag. Do no more than 2 feet at a time; paint dries quickly. Too much paint can be removed by pulling it thru a rag saturated with acetone (nail polish). Take proper ventilation precautions; these are chemicals with flammable noxious fumes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bead Caps

They make all the difference in the world...for professional and finished looking jewelry. I found Chinese copies of the old American and Venetian style caps at: http://www.rockinbead.net/servlet/the-Bead-Caps-cln-Plated-Brass/Categories.

The small caps can be used on any size bead: SKU: FN5975 and SKU: FN5976. This one is a copy of the Venetian flower caps: SKU: C00258. Their delivery is very fast and the quality is decent. They offer several finishes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

You gotta have seeds!

If you want your necklace to be supple, and hang well, especially at the bottom, without gapping and showing the stringing wire, you absolutely need seed or e beads between the bigger beads. As a design element, the seed beads set off the important beads; and add color or not--they can be neutral, contrasting colors, or reinforce your main color. The color and size of the seed beads you choose can change the entire look of your design. I use size 8/0 to 11/0 (8 to 11 beads per inch).

Take a look at a couple of examples:




The little beads become a sub-pattern of your design, and/or fill in the area from collarbone to clasp.